Vertisan Crypto Exchange

the peer-to-peer, non-profit exchange. really.

Sell Orders

Following are 12 randomly selected open sell orders for Vertisan Coins. The transaction and exchange process still happens manually, but is fully functional. Click the link next to any coin purchases you are interested in. Sell orders are coming from private individuals holding Vertisan Coins.

Sell Order Qty Divisible Asking $(USD) Purchase Link
23,000 VCC YES Private
20,000 VCC YES Market
12,000 VCC YES Private
4,000 VCC YES Private
11,000 VCC YES Market
2,000 VCC NO $1,000.00
25,000 VCC YES $0.45 each
100,000 VCC YES Market
1,000 VCC NO Market
1,000 VCC NO Market
450 VCC NO $225.00
75,000 VCC YES $750 per 1000

If you are interested in acquiring any of the offerings listed above, then click the "Email for Info" link next to the order you want. That will create a new email message, which is already addressed and subject line inserted. Simply express your desired terms and send the email. Someone will reply to facilitate the exchange on your behalf.

Live Market

Technical Analysis

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Vertisan Fractal (VFN)
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About the Exchange

The Vertisan Exchange is non-profit. really.

Yes, it's a non-profit exchange so that everyone can be treated fairly and with complete transparency during cryptocurrency exchange transactions. People never need to worry about price gouging or profiteering when using the Vertisan Crypto Exchange.

One of the primary tenets of distributed finance and cryptocurrencies is the premise of removing the middle-man; removing actors from transactions that are not active participants. With DeFi technologies, the need for a supervisory party is no longer needed to validate that a transaction has met the requirements for completion..

DeFi is supposed to eliminate excessive fees by cutting out the middle man, while allowing safe, valid peer-to-peer transactions. Unfortunately the exact opposite has happened... cryptocurrency exchange websites are acting as the "man in the middle", charging excessive fees, and blocking individuals form conducting transactions amongst themselves.

The prominent cryptocurrency exchanges hide 'Buy Orders' and 'Sell Orders' in order to keep the offer and ask prices confidential. Those prices are kept secret so the exchanges can maximize profits when facilitating an exchange.

The Vertisan Exchange is different. The Vertisan Exchange is "for the people", so Buy Orders and Sell Orders are clearly posted. Orders are presented as open listings so that individuals can connect directly with each other to exchange digital assets. Transactions should happen between individual parties, not through a profit-gobbling third party exchange website.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to roll out additional features daily. The process of creating a new crypto exchange is significant and requires extensive testing to ensure there are no security or financial mistakes. Nonetheless, deployment is happening as quickly as possible.

Website last updated Wednesday, June 15, 2022